Comprehensive Consulting & Outsourced Development


My team and i, have extensive expertise in the fashion industry & helped global brands establish and grow their businesses both in Europe and Northern American market since 2005. Our services are tailored specifically for each client to maximize and achieve success in the following areas: 

Brand Identity                                                

  • Brand and Product Positioning                     

  • Competitor Analysis                                     

  • Creative Marketing Strategy                         

  • Imagery Post-Production                               

  • Pricing Strategy    

  • Print and Look-book Campaigns   

  • Product Development

  • Social Media Development

  • Strategic Merchandising

  • Strategic Social Media Planning

  • Look Books & Line Sheets Styling




Brand Development

As a brand strategist, my goal is to help establish memorable, lasting visual and verbal identities. After gaining a deep and constant understanding of your company's mission, my team and i, develop the essential assets to effectively convey that message.

This includes: a logo, color palette, style guide, copywriting guidelines, labels, packaging, lifestyle photographs/videos, product shots, look book, and website. By creating these assets alongside your apparel products, we ensure strong visual cohesion throughout every aspect of your brand.

Align the brand with target retailers, showroom and wholesale partners, retail expansion, digital partners and US opportunities while maintaining the allowed budget and available resources.

  • Assisting with merchandising and product feedback including pricing, drops, key staple silhouettes for the US market and building a strategy and clear customer profile for the brand allowing them to understand their market share and opportunity

  • Assist with international growth plan by aligning agents and managing the agents productivity to ensure growth

  • Clear and consistent feedback to the designer and team to ensure that we are all on the same page and you are aware of the growth, strengths and weakness

  • Utilizing out my team’s strong network of industry peers for any needs of the brand including negotiation of contracts to ensure they align with industry standards.



Comprehensive Consulting & Outsourced Development


On this particular subject, i provide comprehensive strategy, branding, apparel design, product development, and production management support for both established & emerging designers, entering the North American market.

Seasonal Concept & Trend

Planing collections is one of my favorite part of the process. My team and i provide seasonal design concepts by presenting you with concept decks, mood boards, trend call-out sheets, color palettes, and trending fabrications. We also advise on design concepts based on constant trend forecasting, market research, sample shopping, etc.

Prototype/Sample Management

My team and i will create time-and-action calendars with important deadlines for you and your business partners to follow. Moving forward, the next step, will set you up properly with a factory/factories in our global network to ensure your line is developed with the upmost quality at the best cost - US, China or Europe based factories.

Once full development packages are passed off to the manufacturer, our team will coordinate and communicate with the factories (either in the U.S. or abroad) throughout the sample rounds. After each prototype is complete, we will conduct professional fittings on fit models either at the factory or in our office to update each sample/development package until the fit is approved.